As we come closer to the new year people often rush to start making goals with grand sweeping notions. The exception to the rule of overdone lists lies in our favorite word: Integrous. That’s why we’ve made a list based on our guiding principles because the fiercest and most heart-centered women need achievable goals that are tailored to their impact and growth-oriented mindsets.

Goals that provide a sense of belonging for all

Integrous women care about connections. Harvesting a sense of welcoming warmth to those around us is integral to an integrous attitude. 

  1. Have lunch with a new coworker you don’t normally speak to at least once a quarter. 
  2. Call a family member you don’t get to see often at least once a week for a month. See where it goes! You may learn more than you could have imagined. 
  3. Become a mentor for someone junior in your community. This could be someone you’ve met from IW, someone in your job, or even someone in a sports club. 
  4. Go to a networking event once a month and talk to two new people while you’re there. You may just make fast friends. 
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Goals that encourage win-win collaborations

What’s better than a win? A win-win. Collaboration is the key to achieving greatness. 

  1. Go to a networking event once a month and ask at least 5 people what it is they ‘like to do’, not what they do. You could open the door to a new business venture. 
  2. Join a club based on your favorite hobby. Whether it’s knitting, pottery or rock climbing, you could end up creating something great with a new friend. 
  3. If you already have a business or a partner at work, practice collaborative listening and make a list of your combined strengths quarterly. Check-in with your partner weekly to see where they need support. 
  4. Partner up with someone at work in a different department and trade lessons on a skill.  

Goals that foster authentic relationships and create a space for people to rise together

Authenticity is at the core of integrity. If you can’t be open and honest with someone, there isn’t any room for growth. 

  1. Ask someone how they’re doing at least 5 times a week and mean it. Often times we ask people how they’re doing in passing and we don’t care to hear the answer. 
  2. If you see someone post on social media and they seem down, ask them how their day is. Practice this daily. 
  3. Participate in an activity that is out of your comfort zone at least twice quarterly. People will no doubt appreciate your effort and reward you for it.
  4. If you’re a business owner, try asking your employees how you can support them at least 3 times a week. You may learn something new about your business, and we all know the heart of a business is with its employees. 

  Goals that give back on a local or global scale

Start thinking BIG when it comes to impact. You can do more than you think!

  1. Attend at least one local city council meeting quarterly. You’ll learn about the ways you can support your community and you may make new connections. 
  2. If you don’t have a cause you’re passionate about, find one and volunteer at least twice a month. Integrous women are always looking for new ways to make an impact. 
  3. Start a meetup group based on a shared passion for a cause. Brainstorm ideas on how you can make an impact.
  4. Travel on an impact trip with a group. Depending on the cause, there are so many different ways to give back.
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Last but not least, goals that foster purpose-driven, heart-centered and growth minded women. 

Start thinking about your legacy. How would you like to be remembered? Then start from there.

  1. Read at least one book on personal growth quarterly. If you don’t like to read or you find it hard to make time, start listening to audiobooks or podcasts like The Happiness Project. 
  2. Practice gratitude daily for at least a month. You can buy a journal, write what you’re grateful for on a whiteboard, or even download an app. 
  3. Create a monthly vision. Relate all of your small milestone goals back to this.
  4. Give someone a hug at least once a day. You’d be surprised at how much this helps your mental health and others. Spread the love! 

We understand that it would take great dedication to achieve all of these goals, but if you can pick one from each list, you’re making an impact. The best goals are those that come from the heart. If you live life with purpose and gratitude, the rest will follow.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Integrous Women, whether you’re a member or not, click here. You just might change a life. 

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