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What People Are Saying

“Integrous Women (IW) has helped me clarify my goals, inspired me to dream bigger, and has held me accountable to achieve my aspirations! The women in this group are go-getters and are accomplishing great things. I look forward to each meeting and workshop as I know that I will learn, be motivated and inspired to take action. I’m excited to impact the world through my ideas thanks to the support of IW.” Hanssie

Writer, Blogger, Photographer, Goodr

“There are people from corporations, small businesses, nonprofit, and government- a plethora of different women who simply care about reaching their full potential and helping others to do the same. ” Lan

HR, City of Long Beach

“Integrous Women is an incredible group of passionate, creative, caring, intelligent, supportive, entrepreneurial women who are creating positive change in the world, while building profitable and impactful businesses.” Kimberly

Social Entrepreneur, Casa De Vida

Inspiration Hub

Is it Your Job or Is it Just Burnout?

Okay so you know the phrase, the grass is greener on the other side? We can all say we understand the concept, but it’s really easy to slip into the ‘what if’s’ when we’re stuck with our own thoughts, especially if we’re working from home.  We’ll be real with you...

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Finding Your Place in a Tough Job Market

We understand that meeting the right people in the best of times is difficult, but during COVID-19 it can be wildly intimidating to enter the job market again. If you’re in the job market as of recently or fear you might be, there are some ways you can begin to...

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How to Practice Self-Love in a Pandemic

We’ve all succumbed to the loneliness of this difficult time at one stage or another. Even if you’re fortunate enough to be spending time with your families or your housemates at home, it’s easy to feel isolated and become self-critical. The first thing to understand...

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