Design the impact you want to be and make 

Integrate your big vision into everyday life

You started your business to leave our world better than you found it, but you’re feeling unfulfilled and stuck in the messy middle. We get it – there’s so many coaches, paid courses, and endless freebies out there.

You already have all the head knowledge you need. It’s time to integrate that knowledge and align it with your unique gifts.

Let’s move from your head to your heart.

Integrous Women is a community of heart centered entrepreneurs ready to guide you into the leader we know you already are. We’ve designed a different way: one that’s rooted in kindness. Tap into our collective wisdom. Let’s co-create a better world.


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Redesign your business.

Realign personally, professionally, and philanthropically.


The way you’re doing life is out of alignment with who you really are, leaving you frustrated and confused. And that’s not fair to the people you serve! You are such a natural caretaker but it’s time to shift that care back onto you, Mom. We all talk self-care but now it’s time to live self-care.

The world deserves the healthiest version of your mind, body, and spirit. Grow into the visionary you’re destined to be.

We see past your burnout, anxiety, and imposter syndrome to your glowing, beautiful potential. Now it’s Mom’s time to shine!

Borrow our belief in you. Lean on us as you become your best self. Integrous Women is your playground to practice choosing you.


You started your business to create income AND impact. But there’s so much to do, like design your newsletter, keep track of invoices, and feed the marketing beast. Plus, all the shiny objects keep rolling your way (Instagram! Tik Tok! Facebook!)

How do you focus and get rid of the fluff, excess, and overwhelm?

Well, what are you really good at? Let’s pair that with your interests and skills and make this real.

Integrous Women is a space rich in collective wisdom. Leverage the community within Integrous Women to rocket launch into landing your biggest speaking engagement, crossing the 6-figure mark, and setting up a consistent stream of referrals.

We’re ready to cheer you on as you take aligned ACTION and soar to success. Build generational wealth and model what a fulfilled founder looks like, for your kids.


Something inside of you whispers that you were meant for more. You want to surround yourself with abundant changemakers, ready to help make your impact dreams and deeper purpose a reality. Because when you succeed, we all succeed.

But you’ve found that not every membership group is as passionate about living their impact.

Let’s talk. We cultivate space for life-giving conversations around stuff that actually matters. Things like:

  • How do we design impact into business?
  • How do we bake giving back into our work so that every transaction leads to transformation?
  • How do we change “make the world a better place” into something tangible infused into every single moment?

Grow a sustainable business aligned with who you are at your CORE.

Hear From Our Members

“Integrous Women (IW) has helped me clarify my goals, inspired me to dream bigger, and has held me accountable to achieve my aspirations! The women in this group are go-getters and are accomplishing great things. I look forward to each meeting and workshop as I know that I will learn, be motivated and inspired to take action. I’m excited to impact the world through my ideas thanks to the support of IW.”

 Hanssie Writer, Blogger, Photographer, Goodr

“There are people from corporations, small businesses, nonprofit, and government- a plethora of different women who simply care about reaching their full potential and helping others to do the same. ”

Lan HR, City of Long Beach

“Integrous Women is an incredible group of passionate, creative, caring, intelligent, supportive, entrepreneurial women who are creating positive change in the world, while building profitable and impactful businesses.”

Kimberly Social Entrepreneur, Casa De Vida

Meet Alia Tomaszewski:

Joined to meet like-minded women and gain connections to expand personally and professionally.

“Moving from Minnasota, I was looking to meet people and getting my chiropractic practice started.  I was in traditional business networking groups and a friend told me about Integrous Women and then I went to my first Connect for Impact meeting and I was really glad that I went.  It was so refreshing to meet like minded women.”

Meet Viki Johnston:

Joined to challenge her thinking and expand her business.

“It literally started with a sign in Barnes & Noble, for a women’s business book club and I started trying different groups.  And our paths crossed and I started watching the Integrous Women Facebook page and started by going to one of the meetings.  And I just kept coming back!”

Meet Lea Prokopowicz:

Joined to grow her confidence and create supportive connections.

“I was part of a little local networking group where a woman from Integrous Women came in and started talking about this community of women who supported one another, networking and philanthropy.  She was so excited about Integrous Women, that I had to go!’

Meet Pauline Scully:

Joined to make her passion project her full time hustle.

“I was lost, I knew I wanted to do this, but I didn’t know how or what to focus on anything and I crossed paths with another Integrous Women individual and worked with her on creating a video and I wanted to be part of the community.”

Meet Isabelle Bart:

Joined seeking a tribe of social impact creators.

“I really feel like self growth is so essential to making progress in life, and I knew that I could learn from alot of the women in the group.”