Join us as we celebrate New Beginnings

January 13, 2021
6:30-8:00pm PST

As we wave farewell to 2020 and begin a new year, what are our expectations for the coming 12 months? What did we learn that will help us transition into new beginnings and how can we start with a clean slate?

About The Event Description:

As a community, Integrous Women is about upholding our personal and professional integrity in the way we live our lives to maximize positive and sustainable impact in the world. Join us for a candid and honest conversation about the new year and new beginnings.

Whether it is your first time joining or you are a regular, this Connect for Impact is not to be missed! During all Connect for Impact events, we create safe spaces for deep dives into a variety of topics. This month we are focusing on our theme of “New Beginnings”.

Our featured speaker is Margie Hunter and our teacher will be Jana Hungate.

You will learn:

  • the effects of making a loving, kind space to bring inner balance and peace to the body,
  • the abundance of a life lived through love
  • the power of trusting the process of universal laws

We pride ourselves on our experiential learning process. Come ready to engage, connect and share ideas with other heart-centered leaders!

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