Let’s do life in a different way. It’s time to make the leap from fatigued and frustrated to aligned and in action.

This is revolutionary work. And that’s the point! You’re ready to redesign your life and business in service of your big vision. The world deserves the best version of you, and you deserve to thrive.

I really enjoyed being in a group facilitated by Stephanie. Her skills, sensitivity, and her ability to carefully attune to the  group dynamics became very clear early on. Everyone was able to share their learnings and voice. Throughout the weeks of diving deeper into the course and meet weekly with our cohort we were able deepen our connection with one another and build life long friends!

I absolutely love Stephanie’s positive approach to the most complex topics. Her cohort will leave you with tons of a-has and feeling inspired.

Natalie Lee 

Does this sound
like you?

You’re told that growing your business is “simple”, but it feels anything but.

You’re frustrated, overwhelmed and questioning your own abilities.

You want to make huge impact on the world but need a proven system to clearly realize your vision and integrate it into your everyday life.

You want to work ON your business instead of IN your business, creating a sustainable workflow that’s aligned with who you are at your core.

Work that fulfills you. That inspires you. That makes you proud. That leaves a legacy.

You’re ready to do work that fulfills you.

I’ve met too many women who deserve more than their limiting beliefs. You have something totally unique to offer and you know what? It’s not fair to keep it buried up inside.

Hi I’m Stephanie

Through Integrous Women, I guide purpose driven female entrepreneurs to design the impact they want to be and make through their business.

The women in our Pathway to Fulfillment Mastermind are a few years into their business and have a deep passion to serve. But the mainstream strategies we’re fed lead to burnout and misalignment. You know, like waking up at 5am to work on your business. Post on Instagram multiple times a day. Silo your personality and be “professional” no matter what.

We all carry dozens of masks for each area of our life. But in the process of bringing the right mask to the right meeting, we’ve lost our true selves.


I get it because I’ve been there too. It was all about getting the right title and climbing the career ladder. I chased this mysterious thing called success as a people pleaser, an above and beyonder, and a workaholic.

Internally, I was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt. My heart and soul weren’t in my work, despite my deep inner calling to make an impact. Friends, family, and colleagues thought everything was fine, yet I was frustrated to the point of daily tears.

One day, I looked at my entrepreneurial peers and asked myself, “Is this really the lifestyle I want?” They were never with their families, totally burnt out, stressed, and unhappy.

Life changed when I stopped chasing success and instead, sought significance.  

Success is ego driven. Significance comes from the heart.

It took me a lot of work and wrestling with my definition of significance to figure that out that my solution started by going inwards.

Learning how to embrace all my identities and bring my whole self into everything I do. Co-creating a community that truly sees us for who we are.

That community now exists for heart-centered women like us: Integrous Women.

We’ve built a joyous collective of female coaches, trainers, and service providers, rich in communal wisdom and generous with our support. We hold space for learning and healing, so you can grow into the leader you’ve always dreamt of being. One that’s in alignment with what matters most.

You were called to make a huge impact

  • like bringing mindfulness into corporate spaces
  • empowering women building generational wealth
  • normalizing sustainable food access

You just need a proven system to integrate that big vision into your daily life. We’re here to help inspire and co-design the right strategies, unique to your specific path.

Introducing the

Pathway to Fulfillment Mastermind

Can you imagine yourself:

Feeling free, in charge, calmer and more capable?

Seeing new possibilities and options that never existed before emerge?

Running a thriving business that runs on auto-pilot?

Having an abundance of time to nourish yourself and nurture your family?

Living your legacy and dream life, making the world better for those that come behind you?

The Pathway to Fulfillment membership closes the loop between who you currently are, and who you know you are capable of being. This program is uniquely practical. We’re going deep and creating the inner shifts that change how we experience the world, through our Fulfillment Formula. I created the Fulfillment Formula after studying the turning points of my own journey (and hundreds of others) and writing a step-by-step framework from the learnings. 


The IW cohort gave me the sense of community my soul has been longing for. Through the gifted facilitation of Stephanie four seemingly strangers shared magical moments of connection, growth, and healing. I’m so thankful to have journeyed with these women and highly recommend joining any of Stephanie’s events!

– Jaquelyn Parungao 

Personally, you’ll become healthy.

You’ll experience the benefits of health through your mind, body, and spirit. You won’t be carrying the weight of exhaustion with you every day, or the fear and anxiety that stems from burnout.

You’ll start to wake up EXCITED for the day, speaking and thinking in a new language rooted in abundance and alignment.  You’ll shift back into a human being after a lifetime of prioritizing “to-do’s.”

Professionally, you’ll become wealthy.

You’ll experience wealth through the lens of finances, relationships, and time. You’ll gain the space to define what success means to you and access to a community of like-minded, like-hearted individuals ready to invest in you.

You’ll design the steps you need to find significance and your unique place in the market. When you’re fully aligned with who you are and how you show up in the world, wealth is an inevitable, tangible result.

Philanthropically, you’ll become an Integrous Woman.

You’ll be a philanthropist with your time, talent, and treasure. From the very first gathering, you will begin to remember what it feels to be unconditionally appreciated and genuinely seen for your authentic gifts.

Being an Integrous Woman means maximizing the influence you have as a pillar of your community. When you fulfill your potential, you automatically transform your family, community, and everyone around you. You create a ripple effect of philanthropy that spans generations and leaves your mark on the world.

Now Let’s Get Real

I get it. When you’re doggy paddling just to stay afloat, there’s so many reasons why “it’s just not the right time to join.”

I don’t have the time.

Time is sacred – it’s the only resource you can’t get back. So, you don’t have time to waste doing what I did:  trying anything and everything to find a pathway to fulfillment. Misaligned leadership courses, unfruitful networking events, taking on more work, taking a sabbatical – you name it.

You’ll learn productivity hacks to get time back to REST and enjoy life. I’ve gone through the trial and error for you and designed a membership community wrapped in support. We provide concrete steps to realign your business with your highest self. You just need a safe, brave space to implement what you already know.


What’s the ROI?

You get out of life what you put in. This is a group you do life with. Invest in the wraparound support and make the commitment to start making aligned action (and keep on going!)

Pathfinders regularly go from …

  • Dreaming up a new business idea to seeing the first invoice get paid.
  • Transforming from working in the business to having systems and processes that allow you to become a business owner.
  • Going from isolation to having a tribe of heart-centered, female visionaries taking action to make their dreams a reality.
  • Stepping out behind the camera into thriving in front of the camera.
  • Being pulled from their comfort zone to practice showing up and learning through new experiences.

Put some skin in the game. Is even one new business-bestie worth it to you? We’re all here to lovingly cheer you on.

I don’t deserve to invest in myself.

This is a particularly tricky story we tell ourselves. It gets stronger every time it goes unchallenged. I am here to tell you that you are more than enough – you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. You have a huge legacy to leave this world.

If you’re squeaking by, then of course it feels like you don’t have the ability to invest in yourself. Especially when you’ve started so many projects and stopped before the fruits of your labor started pouring in. But, investing funds back into your business creates the motivation you need to see your new projects through.

Borrow our belief in you. Lean on us as you become your best self. Integrous Women is your playground to practice choosing you.


you were meant to be and make the change you seek!  Our world needs you.