It’s not about doing more. It’s about being more of yourself.

I’m Stephanie Courtillier,
and I learned this the hard way.

As an ambitious workaholic, I leapt into entrepreneurship headfirst.

Millions of half-baked ideas littered my brain. I chased what everybody else was doing so I too could achieve (seemingly) overnight success. In true ENFJ fashion, I built on too many projects at the same time and gave up when they didn’t work quickly enough.

OR, I took the opposite route and analyzed/paralyzed each idea so it never got off the ground. Either way, I had little to no results to show.

I would make a little progress in my business, then hit the next roadblock – a vicious cycle of perfectionism and procrastination. It was always one step forward and two steps back. I felt isolated and ashamed I couldn’t follow through or just will my way into a successful business.

Burnout mode hit me like a ton of bricks – several times. Since our businesses are an extension of ourselves, of course I started questioning everything about my true worth as a person.

Why am I constantly having to prove myself? How do I stop people-pleasing and start believing in me?

How can I be a mom, business owner, philanthropist, and friend while still being me? Who am I, really? What does it mean to be me, at every moment of every day?

How do I integrate giving back so it doesn’t feel like I’m running a charity AND a business?  Can I be financially stable and live my social impact dreams at the same time?

The worst part?


I appeared “successful” to everyone on the outside.

I was showing up, being a supportive friend, and always motivated others towards their dreams. Yet, I was frustrated, tired, and saw no clear path to live up to the potential I KNEW was inside of me.

The shift happened when I sat down with myself and asked, what’s MY version of a fulfilled life?

It was time to stop looking outward for the answers. I had them inside, all along. I just had to get quiet, borrow my community’s belief in me, and start designing my own pathway to fulfillment.

I took action in ways that scared me, like competing (and winning!) in speech competitions, integrating trauma-informed personal development work, hiring a virtual assistant and investing 10k in a mastermind – even though that’s exactly how much I had earned that year from my business.

I only succeeded by asking for help and creating a like-minded support team around me as I went deep on my journey within. Each step opened new doors.

For the first time, I found peace. I found clarity. I found purpose in moving myself towards my bigger vision while embracing the journey AND the destination.

I learned my superpower: designing communities that create connection and impact so each member thrives. After honing in on my calling, I started seeing tremendous results in my business.

If I was able to overcome my biggest obstacles and find my version of success, so can you … and I’m here to help!

The WHO and WHY of Integrous Women

Integrous Women is the result of years of conversations, trainings, lived experiences and dreams. Our Pathway to Fulfillment Mastermind provides a home to women traveling the journey of entrepreneurship who feel out of alignment with their deeper purpose – why they started their business in the first place.

My greatest wish is for you to leverage our community, step into your greatness, and leave your unique mark on this world.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all women are empowered to fulfill their potential.

We will achieve this by staying true to our mission of creating spaces and connections for meaningful experiences, life-giving conversations and impactful outcomes.

Our Values

1. Growth: Becoming the best version of ourselves personally and professionally

2. Integrity: Living life authentically and on our own terms

3. Contribution: Empowering ourselves and others through philanthropic servant leadership

Our Guiding Principles

1. Provide a sense of belonging to all

2. Encourage win-win collaborations

3. Rise together through authentic relationships

4. Generous givers for local and global impact

5. Purpose-driven, heart-centered and growth-minded

Take action to design the impact you want to be a make through your business.