Around the world, Women have the ability to become Integrous Leaders.

We are helping them discover that potential and giving them the resources to achieve it.

How We Give Forward

The Challenge

Young teen girls are leaving the orphanage, as required by law, unprepared for life on their own. Many have been abused sexually and physically. They are facing a vicious cycle of inequality and trauma that needs to be broken.

Our Solution

1) A sustainable mental health program to heal and empower them as leaders

2) Job and life skills education to sustain them once outside of the orphanage

3) A giving forward program that promote them as leaders of their community and uplifts the next generation

Our Partners

1) Western Youth Services: non-profit hub for integrated mental health services.

2) Esperanza y Futuro: orphanage in Guatemala

3) Integrous Women Members

Watch Jennifer’s Story of Survival

Our Sustainable Model

When you invest in yourself through our workshops or Member’s Club, you are directly investing in the future of a young girl like Jennifer.

Orphans Empowered

Orphanage Staff Supported

Integrous Leaders

        Our Impact on the United Nations         Sustainable Development Goals

How You Can Support

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