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Guatemala: Esperanza y Futuro

The Challenge

Young teen girls are leaving the orphanage, as required by law, unprepared for life on their own. Many have been abused sexually and physically. They are facing a vicious cycle of inequality and trauma that needs to be broken.

Active Solution

Mental Health Program

We use evidence based practices and a healing-centered approach to build individual capabilities and resilience. 

Empowerment Program

We use our 3P model (Personal Development, Professional Development and Philanthropy) to develop leadership assets and mentorship opportunities for the young girls to thrive.

Community Engagement

We started a collaborative in Guatemala that engages key partners in answering the question, “How might we break the cycle of inequality and trauma in our community?” 

Engaged Partners



A mental health non-profit on a mission to advance awareness, cultivate success and strengthen communities for children, youth and families.

Esperanza y Futuro is our partner orphange in Guatemala. They are on a mission to provide hope and healing for vulnerable children. 

A social enterprise bed and breakfast that supports our efforts by providing job opportunities for the young girls of Esperanza y Futuro.