Integrous Women Spotlights

The Emotional Connection “EmC” process empowers you to re-engage team members and resolve conflict so your team can be productive again. When you register for the EmC Course, you will gain practical skills you can immediately apply in the workplace. You will learn how to establish psychological safety, work with emotions, and respond in difficult conversations. You will also discover the hidden cause of conflict and disengagement on your team.
Asmâa I. Methqal is a soulful changemaker, transformational coach, business strategist, and an advocate of Feminine Leadership. She is passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs and executives to uncover their unfiltered truth. Through her unique process, she helps women worldwide connect to their feminine power. Join Asmâa as she shares her insights on her featured Member’s Club Module, “Unleash Your Feminine Power.”

Cheri Torres and Jackie Stavros are the co-authors of the book, Conversations Worth Having. By leveraging the force of Appreciative Inquiry, Cheri and Jackie have transformed lives around the world with the power of conversations. Join them as they share their insights on the newest Member’s Club module, “Conversations Worth Having.”

Sheevaun Moran is a business advisor, mentor, and quantum energetics thought leader. Energetic Solutions® was founded to help entrepreneurs and individuals alike to achieve amazing results using uncommon ancient principles. She has helped over 25,000 entrepreneurs, CEO’s and leaders achieve freedom, flow in the business and life. Join Sheevaun as she shares her insights on the newest Member’s Club model, “Sheevaun Moran’s Woolah Prosperity Challenge.”

Danielle Nava-Mijares’s work is specialized in the area of diversity and inclusion and anti-bias education. She helps communities and organizations maximize the skills and talents of a diverse workforce to develop more healthy, inclusive workplaces. Join Danielle as she shares insights on her featured Member’s Club Module, “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

Jennifer Banks is an Executive Coach who helps first time business owners become profit and cash flow experts. She is on a mission to help business owners build a business that is proactive, flexible and set up to thrive. Join Jennifer as she shares insights on her featured Member’s Club Module, “Scaling with Integrity.”

Dr. Alia Tomaszewski is a certified nutrition coach, chiropractor, and family wellness specialist. Join Dr. Alia as she shares insights on her featured Members’ Club module, “Nutritious Behaviors for Lasting Change.”

Krista Mesenbrink, MT-BC is a board certified music therapist working in mental health. Her mission is to empower people to use music and music experiences as a tool for emotional, mental and life change. Join Krista as she shares insights on her featured Member’s Club Module, “Music Therapy.” 

Duane Rohrbacher, JD, PhD is the founder of Impact Systems Builders, a non-profit that helps for-good, impactful organizations have a greater impact. Whether he’s building an admissions process for a higher education startup or building a curriculum for an adult day center, Duane finds ways to build cost-effective, sustainable systems. Join Duane as he shares his insights in the featured Member’s Club module, Impact Systems Builders.

Leilanie founded Be the Change HR, a social enterprise for small to medium sized businesses who don’t know what they don’t know, who don’t want to find out the hard way what they don’t know, and who want someone who isn’t going to wag their HR-finger at them for the not-knowing. Join Leilani as she shares insights on her Member’s Club featured module, “HR 101”. 

Rianne is a seasoned business expert and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in marketing & sales. It is her vision to see a world where all businesses exist not just to make profit but to uplift humanity and our planet. She contributes to turning this into reality by mentoring entrepreneurs who want to start their own social impact business. She’s the co-founder of Impact Business Base, an online membership community for social impact entrepreneurs. Join Rianne as she shares her insights in the featured Member’s Club module, “Start your Impact Business.”

Viki Johnston is a Development Expert with over 25 years of her career dedicated to professional training and development. Within this role she has been responsible for helping others become aware of their own growth opportunities through Training, Coaching and Mentorship. Join Viki as she shares her insights about her featured Member’s Club Module, “Commitment & Accountability.”

Judy Copenbarger has been helping families, ministries and small businesses become financially fit for the past 35 years. Together with her husband, Larry, she leads her clients and audiences as they learn to put their entire financial house in order. As a mother, Judy shares her unique communication skills, legal, tax and finance background to give others confidence as they achieve their financial goals. Join Judy as she shares her insights in the featured Member’s Club module, “It’s Not Always About the Money.”

Mayra Austin founded Mayra Austin Business Solutions, an organization specializing in Management optimization strategies and a mentor for the Mihaylo School of Business and Economics at Cal State Fullerton University. Join Mayra as she shares her insights about the featured Member’s Club module, “How to Manage Startups and Small Businesses.”