Integrous Women recently hosted our first workshop, Idea to Impact, and what an experience! I had come up with the workshop idea 3 weeks prior, and stepped completely out of my comfort zone to pull this event together. Shout out to my newly inherited Growth Mindset for the courage!

I truly try to learn something new everyday, and the day of the workshop was no different. After weeks or preparation, promoting the idea to concept to my entire network, and reciting my speech hundreds of time to my dog, it was time to make it happen!

Here are the 5 Lessons I learned from hosting the Idea to Impact workshop:

1. Just be (proud of) yourself

The week before the event, I had all of my deep, scary thoughts come up. “What if I am a huge failure?” “What if no one shows up?” “Who even wants to listen to me?” The night before the event, I finally just told myself that no matter what, I was proud of myself for even taking action and getting one step closer to making my dreams come true. I knew that if I could have the courage in myself to just be me, and be as authentic and vulnerable and open as I could possibly be, everything would work out just fine. When we show up as the best version of ourselves, that is what success is.

2. Be clear on the starting time (and directions)!

This is an ironic *mini* failure on my part, seeing as how I’ve organized and helped host hundreds of events. I created my workshop to be 2 hours long, from 10am-12pm. What happens when you say 10am to most people? They show up around 10:05am, 10;15am…. I definitely learned that for future workshops, I will be saying to arrive 15 minutes before the start time so people have time to mingle, grab some snacks, and emphasize that the event starts right on time. Because for those who do arrive on time, it’s only fair to not have them be waiting as well. Oh, and definitely send detailed directions to the address. Even if we have all the technology in the world, trust me on this, just do it!

3. Focus on Connection

People want to have an organic, authentic connection with others… period. No one wants to be talked at for 2 hours; they want to feel engaged! Be sure to allow time for discussion in small groups of the ideas and information you are presenting. This allows for people to truly connect not only to the concept, but with one another, and leave with a meaningful experience. In almost every survey our guests shared one of their favorite parts was the connection they had with the other women in the room. To take it a step further, be sure your guests are all in alignment with your mission to ensure the best experience for everyone!

4. Enjoy the moment, and celebrate your wins

Be present and truly listen to your audience when they speak. Enjoy every moment of your workshop. You are the reason your guests are here today, and you are the person they have come to listen to. Take joy in that feeling; you are providing value to others. Celebrate yourself when the event is over. Make time to recharge and refuel your energy – you deserve it! How did I celebrate? I came home, had a nice home-cooked meal, took a relaxing bath while enjoying a great book (Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly) and

5. Follow Up for Feedback

Woo! The event is over, and all of your hard work paid off. Now don’t let all of that go to waste! Follow up with all of your guests. You took the time and energy to get them to show up, now make sure they know how much they mean to you! If it’s possible, send out personal e-mails to all of them, thanking them for their time and include any resources or answers to questions they may have asked for. Learn to treat your clients like best friends, and positive things will begin to happen for you and your business.

Thank you to all who attended our workshop, and I hope some of these will help you in your future workshop endeavors!

As always, take the time to #beintegrous today, and every day.

Stephanie Courtillier