Many women that come to our events ask us, “What is a Social Enterprise?” The short answer, according to our Founder, Stephanie Courtillier, is “When a nonprofit meets a business and they have a baby, the result is a Social Enterprise.” We are a for-profit business that is mission-driven. Together we help women become integrous leaders with our 10/20/30 Sustainable Impact Model. So what does this model look like?


The 10 represents the 10% of our proceeds invested in our empowerment and mental health programs at our partner orphanage in Guatemala, Esperanza y Futuro (EyF). This is a safe haven for young women and children who are victims of abuse. Our programs help these women and children discover their potential as well as give them the resources to achieve it.  Our goal is to break the cycle of trauma and inequality by creating sustainable impact, not just with the young women, but also with the staff who work with them.


20% of our membership dues are invested in underserved women in partnership with local non-profits such as My Safe Harbor and Project Self Sufficiency. These women are resilient leaders in their communities who are overcoming hardship. Our organization creates opportunities for them to thrive and provides the environment to support them in all of their endeavors.


30% of our team and community’s time are invested in supporting local non-profits and social enterprises. We do this via our trainings, impact socials, and individual volunteering. In the past, we have volunteered for events as a community, such as making blankets for cancer patients at YANA Cancer Comfort and doing the A21 Walk For Freedom in Santa Ana.

If you’re looking to create lasting change in your life and the lives of others, remember that by attending an event, and joining Integrous Women you directly invest in our 10/20/30 Sustainable Impact Model.