I may still be young, but I’ve learned quite a lot in this lifetime already. My absolute passion is to share these nuggets of wisdom with you, and hope that you too will pass it on to your loved ones. It always starts with one small step, right?
Without further ado, here are my top 3 life lessons everyone should not just know, but also implement, to live a more rewarding life:
This can be something as small as smiling to someone you pass on the street, to going out and buying your best friend her favorite coffee. When we begin to focus on others and get out of our scarcity mindsets, we experience true joy through these acts of kindness. If everyday you wake up and identify the 1 good deed you will accomplish for that day, then reflect on that good deed every night before going to bed, I am confident you will begin to experience more fulfilling days!
This is probably one of my favorites, and if you know me well enough you know the words “win-win” are always coming out of my mouth! The concept is quite simple: find a win for you, and a win for the other person. This solution and thought is always what I reach for when facing a conflict of some kind, or even a small dilemma. How can we make this a win-win solution for the both of us? You will be surprised at the happiness you will create by shifting your mind from win-lose, to win-win.
This is one I am constantly reminding myself to do – so if you’ve got this down kudos to you! I find it so true that we spend most of our time either living in the past or worrying about the future. But what happens when we focus just on the present moment. Stop where you are right now. Let your mind clear. Listen to the sounds around you. To truly feel the calm, peace and beauty of this world we need to remind ourselves to spend those mindful moments in the present, as that is the only thing that exists right now!
I hope you enjoyed these 3 quick tips. If you would like the full list of lessons, click here.