We all have experienced the impending doom that is a Sunday evening. Maybe you have to wake up early or you’ve got a big meeting and a long week ahead of you. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy your day when these thoughts are buzzing in the back of your mind. As it’s spooky season, we thought it might be a good idea to write about ways to curb the Sunday scaries to make Sundays less spooky and to end your week with a bang sans the fear of failure in the week ahead. 

So where do we start? First off we’ll start with what we have learned. 

Sundays are still the weekend 

We’ve done some soul searching on this one and we’ve realized that a lot of us are forgetting that Sunday is still a free day to enjoy ourselves – to really kick up our feet and relax or be productive if that’s what we want to do. Don’t let the 40 hour workweek gloom tell you anything different. Sunday is your day to make your own. 

Divide and conquer

Many of us plan to get the chores and errands done on the weekend that we just don’t have the bandwidth to do on the weekdays. But as Friday rolls around and quickly turns into Saturday, we want to turn our brains off of work mode and we often push these tasks into Sunday. When we do this, Sunday begins to feel like a preparation day rather than a mini holiday. 

We suggest breaking up these tasks into smaller chunks. Dedicate an hour to these tasks on Saturday and one on Sunday. You’ll feel more accomplished in general and you’ll clear up time to have a more relaxed Sunday.

Remember personal goals when you’re planning for the week ahead

We don’t often suggest a brain dump but as avid list makers, we think it’s good to do a free-write over the weekend about what you’re looking for in the next week. This should include goals in your personal and professional life. Maybe you’re feeling like your job isn’t the career you want to be in forever but you just can’t seem to push yourself out of this rut. Use this Sunday to write about where you see yourself in five years. Think of it as less of a chore and more of a fun way to get to know yourself better. It’s very seldom that we really sit down and ask ourselves these questions. This way, we can get to know ourselves better and create goals that align with our true desires rather than bandaid fixes.

Do one thing for yourself 

We’re not limiting this thing to taking a bath or practicing some yoga. Maybe that thing is more along the lines of eating at that fried chicken place and watching New Girl for the 100th time or maybe it’s heading to your favorite hiking spot that no one ever wants to join you on and doing a solo hike. These ‘one thing’ activities are usually ones you pass by with a, ‘Ah I’ll do it later’ or ‘I’ll go there later’. How about this weekend you go to that place and do that thing. No one is stopping you but yourself.

Last but not least, remember that Sundays are always an opportunity to do something incredible – after all, there’s the word ‘sun’ in there, right? Do you have any tips and tricks to make Sundays even better? Leave a comment below.

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