Any organization can sit down and write a list of mission statements and objectives but if their members don’t believe them, why should anyone else? We wanted to find out if our members think we practice what we preach, so we sent out a survey asking them what they think the benefits of being an Integrous Woman member are, and this is what they said. 









“For me, one thing I love about being part of this community is that it gives us a safe and encouraging space to push ourselves out of fear and into action, with a network of women who are diverse in their backgrounds, knowledge and expertise, there is always someone who can lift you up.” -Viki Johnston





We are a safe space. Our Members come to us because they believe our events hold space for them – no matter how they show up. We believe in our members but we always listen before we advise. Listening is the best tool in our communication toolbox.









“The support available in terms of educational tools to make the journey of the new business women a more sustainable one, is high grade quality master classes and workshops. I love the constant motivation from the other members and the accountability partners who check in on you regularly to make sure you are keeping up with your targeted goals. One of my favorites is the Monday morning Collective Intentions call.I would recommend IW to anyone who is serious about their professional, personal or Business growth.” -Vani Shiroor 





We give you the tools and resources to get where you want to go. Our events, our Member’s Club site and our systems of accountability are personalized for your personal and professional growth. We put your feedback first and we are always looking to co-create events and processes based on the needs and desires of our members during that time. 









“For me, something I love about Integrous Women is there is no hesitation when it comes to supporting any person who joins the community. Whether it’s someone who is new, someone testing the waters, or a seasoned veteran. IW is here for you, to help you grow and develop into the person you want to be. Not to mention remind you that you are fully capable of anything you want to be too.” -Pauline Scully 





We celebrate all stages of growth and being. We understand that there isn’t one way to be in a career or one way to do life in general. We all have different paths and different strengths, so we make it a point to support and celebrate our differences. 









“IW has been a big part of my entrepreneurial growth.  The heart-centered  purpose-driven women continue to inspire me to grow in my leadership to support and  to be in contribution to those that need it most.” – Marie Matienzo 





We empower each other to be leaders.  Leadership may look like asking for a raise or it may look like quitting your corporate job to start an art studio. Whatever your dream is, we want to see you realize it!









“Connecting with other women who have a common goal of wanting to grow  personally and professionally, and who care and want to help in the community.” – Kim Eaves 





“I enjoy being part of a community of women with big hearts empowering each other in life and business.” -Ashley Grigas 





We foster connection and friendships. We run great events with helpful resources but the genuine and thoughtful people who make up our Members Club are what keeps this community going. They are what will continue to keep this beautiful safe space alive: heart-centered and growth-minded leaders who want to support one another in making the most of this life. 

Curious about what being a part of this community means? Learn more about our membership here